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Service Usage

The service is intended for personal domestic usage. The service must not be used for any illegal activity or for engaging in delivery of spam.

Service Performance

We offer no guarantee regarding the overall performance or availability of the service.

Fair Use Policy

Customers are expected to make moderate use of the service and any customers who, in our view, cause excessive bandwidth will be requested to pay additional monthly fees. Account sharing is not allowed and will be detected.


Once payments are received then no refunds are available.


For payments made with Paypal it is customer's responsibility to cancel the recurring charges from within customers Paypal account, for details please see how to cancel your subscription

Customer's Internet Connection

Customer must have a working and reliable broadband connection for the service to operate in addition the end to end connection from your computer to our UK server must have good ping times (Latency), if your service does not work or if your route to UK gets changed by telcos (outside of yours and our control) then cancel your subscription see above.


UK-iPlayer reserves the right to terminate any account for any or no reason and without cause for any compensation or refund.


UK-iPlayer has zero liability regarding the service offering.