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The Problem

Sony Bravia internet TVs are excellent. You can connect them to your home wireless or wired network and access the internet. If you live in the UK you will get UK based content from channel 5, Sky News and other UK providers and of course BBC iPlayer.

If you are outside the UK, you do not get the UK content.

The Bravia does have a proxy setting so you would think that our proxy service will work. But the Bravia does not allow a proxy with a username and password. So on the face of it, it's not possible to connect via a password protected proxy like UK-iPlayer. But we have worked out a solution.

The Solution

The solution is to install a free proxy server called ccproxy on a computer that is connected to the same network as your Bravia. This free proxy server then cascades the connection to the UK-iPlayer proxy server that we provide. You will also need a local network either wired or wireless.


It is assumed that you will have a local network already set-up either wired or wireless.

TEST CHECKPOINT: You must have a local network set up either wireless or wired.


It's a good idea to check that the computer that ccproxy will be installed on works with the internet

If your browser cannot connect to the internet then the following steps will never work.

You also need a UK-iPlayer account (our proxy)

TEST CHECKPOINT: Your computer works with the internet and your proxy account is active.


If the computer already has a local fixed IP address then you can skip this step, just make a note of the local IP address (ie not your public IP address) and the 2 DNS settings.

If the computer does not have a fixed IP address then follow the instructions below.

In Windows XP:

Start > Control Panel > Network Settings

Then right click on the connection that is used with your local network. In the example below we right clicked on Wireless Network Connection and selected Properties.

Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click Properties.


The following window will show.


Click the radio button "Use the following IP Address" and enter:

IP Address; we used

You can use where xxx is any unique number. This IP address is the IP address on your local network not the IP assigned by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), so this IP address is local to your network. This IP address must be unique on your local network, so if you have other computers or devices on the network you need to check what their IP addresses are and then set the computer with ccproxy with a unique IP address.

Subnet mask; enter

Default gateway, set this the same as the IP address above, in our example

Because we have set a fixed IP address the TCP/IP properties requires a DNS server address, this is an external server that translates the www. addresses to IP adresses. For this we are using Google's DNS settings but you can use any DNS settings that you might be aware of:

Preferred DNS server is

Alternative DNS server is

Click OK and OK again for the above settings to take effect.

TEST CHECKPOINT: Check you can now still access the internet, if not double check and do not proceed until you can connect to the internet with the above settings.


Visit and download and install the free version on the computer configured above.


Run ccproxy on your computer.

In ccproxy, select Options and set the port number for HTTP to 808.


Also in Options, check the box Local IP Address Auto Detect. This detects the IP address of the computer. Write down this IP address and the port number, in our case we used a port number 808. The IP address will be the same IP address that you configured in Windows in step 3 above, in our case

While in ccproxy Options, select the Advanced button and select the Cascading tab and enter the UK-iPlayer IP address, port number, username and password as provided by us in the email that we sent you when you subscribed. Note, this is not the computer's IP address but the IP address of the UK-iPlayer proxy server, using the details we sent to you for your proxy account.

Ensure the Need Authorization box is checked and the Enable Cascading Proxy box is checked. The Proxy Protocol should be set to HTTP. Then press OK and OK again to complete the ccproxy configuration. See image below for reference.


Note pressing OK and OK again appears to be necessary in ccproxy,. Ensure for testing and operation that you can see the graph with the green matrix. We have noticed if you leave a set-up box open that ccproxy does not function.


Connect a second PC to your network and set its browser for a proxy. For the browser's proxy settings, instead of entering the UK-Iplayer's proxy server settings that we sent to your for your account, enter the settings for the computer on your network that is running:

Example, for our set-up it would be:


Port 808

You should now be able to connect to say the BBC i-player from the second computer.

If you do not have a second computer then you can do the same test on the computer that is running ccproxy, set its browser's proxy to the computer's own IP address and port 808 and check if you can see the BBC i-Player.

If this test is not working then you must check why and not proceed to the next step.


Now it's time to set-up the network on the Bravia. Follow these instructions with ccproxy running on the computer connected to the same network.

Home > Settings > Network > Network Set Up

Select Wireless Set up (or wired if your network is not wireless)

Select Scan (for wireless)

For wireless you will see a list of available wireless networks, select the network that has the ccproxy computer.

Bravia will display "Select how you configure the IP address and proxy settings"

Select Custom

Bravia will display "IP address settings, Auto or Manual"

Select Manual

Now you need to assign an IP address to the Bravia, it's IP address needs to be unique on your network. In our Bravia we set the following:

IP Address (this is unique on the local network)

Subnet Mask

Default gateway (this is the IP address of the ccproxy computer)

Primary DNS

Secondary DNS

Press Next

Bravia will display "Do you want to use a proxy?" Select Yes

Bravia will display "Please enter proxy server name (or address) and port number

Enter IP (this is the IP address of the ccproxy computer)

Enter port 808

Press Next

Bravia will now show a summary of the settings, make sure they are all ok, if ok press Next.

Bravia will display "To establish a connection select "Save & Connect""

Select Save & Connect

Bravia will display "Connecting to the network please wait..."

Bravia will display "Network set up is complete, the TV has successfully connected to the network"

Bravia will display " Wireless device on TV = found, Local Access = OK, Internet access = OK"

Press OK

Bravia will display an option "Refresh Internet content", select this option.

Bravia will display "Connecting to internet" and "Authenticating..."

Bravia will display "Acquiring internet content..." (This takes a few minutes)

Bravia will display " Internet content is ready"

Note, for the last few steps above the Bravia is downloading all the UK icons/menus.

Now press Home > Internet Content and select the channel you want.


In the instructions above there are three IP addresses.

On your local network you have 2 IP Addresses, each unique on your network.

  • One local IP address is the address of the computer running ccproxy
  • One local IP address is the address of the Bravia.

The other IP address used is the internet based proxy server's IP address that we provide to you for your account and this is entered in the cascading settings of ccproxy.

For the above configuration it does not matter if your browser is also connected to the UK-iPlayer proxy or not. What matters is that your computer connects ok to the internet and the proxy account is all ok and working.