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Watching BBC TV in Spain

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Posted: 14th Sep 2012

****Now you can watch more than just BBC World News in Spain****


If you are British and have been used to watching the BBC and if you enjoy certain programs then you will know its a gap in your life when you relocate to another country like Spain. Spain is a very popular location with the British but we are not aware of many Brits that actually enjoy Spanish TV.

It's possible to get BBC World News in Spain and we understand its also possible to get satellite access to BBC TV as well. Of course satellite has a cost associated with it and it would not include the i-Player catch-up service from the BBC.

So by subscribing to a UK proxy server (see the link below) then it's possible to get all the main UK TV channels on your PC running in your web browser.

Spain TV

At the moment the TV in Spain is not really well suited for the British. For a start there is a language difference and there is a quality difference. The BBC has a fine reputation for quality programming and when you leave the UK and watch TV in other countries then you understand the differences. Of course the USA has some fine quality content and it all comes down to investment in programmes.

So if you are getting frustrated with the soap operas that have the actors looking at each other for 20 seconds, all the commercials every 10 minutes and the lack of English language content then you can relax and now watch the BBC live or in catch-up mode.

What BBC Channels are Available in Spain

BBC1 and BB2 and all the channels listed on the home page of this website are available via the internet. You will need a couple of things to make it work. First you need a PC or a Mac. You will also need a good reliable broadband internet connection. Then you will need to subscribe to a UK proxy like the one listed below. Once your web browser is re-configured or in the case of a Mac a system change is made, then you can be watching BBC TV in Spain.

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