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Watch i-Player in Spain

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Posted: 14th Sep 2012

Information about how to watch BBC and ITV in Spain

Watch TV in Spain

If you are in Madrid or Costa Del Sol or indeed anywhere in Spain and you are fed up with all the Bull Fighting and excellent football games then now it's time for getting to watch Aunty again. Yes its possible to get the BBC and ITV in Spain and you do not need a whapping big aerial. What you need is a whapping big internet connection (only joking) instead.

Watching TV in Spain is of course using a conventional television set. What we are meaning here is watching TV on your Personal Computer (PC) or on a Mac computer.

i-Player on your PC

Now your PC will become your TV as you sign up for a service that allows you to watch online. You might have to move your PC out of the hall and relocate to to your lounge because it will now become the centre of attention in your expat home. Better still buy an new PC so you can just watch BBC and ITV all night long. Spain is one of the most popular countries for the British and having the ability to watch i-Player in Spain makes like there even better.

If you have been away from the Uk for a while you might not know that the i-Player is a catch-up service. It allows you to watch some programmes from the last couple of weeks. So you do not have to watch everything live. Of course its also possible to watch live TV as well.

Spain Internet Connections

Of course lets hope the internet connections in Spain are all ok!!!! To watch i-Player really does need a good broadband connection. Most people can get this now and so this type of service is a godsend for people outside the UK.

Now is the time to watch English TV in Spain, now there is no really good reasons to go back home !!!! So for anyone that wants to watch i-Player in Spain then this is a great time to start.

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