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Posted: 14th Sep 2012

A Virtual Private Network or VPN in the UK is a method of connecting your computer to a special network that is layered on top of your normal internet connection.

Here at UK-iPlayer we do not offer a VPN and this blog really explains the difference between what we offer and what a UK VPN offers.

The end result difference is actually zero, they both allow you to access UK websites and watch UK TV, pretending you are really in the UK when you are not.

The main difference for me is that for setting up a UK VPN is more involved. You need to download and install some software. Then you have to set up your network connections and then connect to the VPN. So if you are not comfortable downloading and configuring network settings on your computer you might rather use our service.

VPNs are typically used by global companies that want to have all their staff on one private virtual network and they are really very useful for this purpose. For watching UK TV they are also an excellent method.

In comparison with a UK VPN, UK-iPlayer requires no software to download. It just needs a quick settings change in you browser, then enter a username and password - all very simple.

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