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UK Proxy Service - A Quick Guide to Methods

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Posted: 14th Sep 2012

There are a number of different types of UK Proxy Services available. Lets look at what is on offer.

Free website based or paid proxies: These are the ones that allow you to enter a website address in the webpage and then it delivers the page for you. It requires no setting-up and most are free. On the down side BBC iPlayer will not work on them because it uses a protocol that most free website proxies cannot work with.

VPN Virtual Private Networks: These set-up a dedicated network between your computer and a server in the UK. There are free (meaning slow and overloaded) VPNs and paid high quality solutions. They require software to be downloaded and a network set-up on your computer so a fair level of technical know-how is required for this.

Slingbox Hosted Services: There are satellite receivers connected to a box that records the TV channels and then allow you to privately access the box. It's an amazing idea and rather more expensive as you have to buy the equipment and rent its space and internet connection back in the UK. It means you can record any channel/program and watch it from anywhere in the world. We have seen these for about GBP400 set-up fee and GBP50 a month.

Browser based UK Proxy Services: Browser proxies work by telling your web browser to redirect webpages to/from a proxy server based in the UK. Example in Firefox just 6 clicks are required to enable the proxy. So its easy to set-up and to use. There are free (slow) versions and paid versions like the one on this site that we provide.

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