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Posted: 14th Sep 2012

A UK Proxy is a web server or computer that is located in the UK. The server is used by people outside the UK. Its possible to set-up a web browser to always connect to the proxy.

This proxy connection means that all your internet browsing is then re-directed via the proxy server in the UK. From the proxy server your web browser requests are ten made from the server.

The net result is that a web site in the UK that you want to access will detect that your computer is based in the UK and not from USA or Italy or where you really are.

Pages from websites are then re-directed back to your web browser.

Generally a well maintained proxy server will not impact your internet connection or speed of access. The proxy that we provide here at is fast and you will not have any issues with performance.

There are free proxy servers but because they are free they can get overloaded and so watching TV using them is not so easy.

Please try our UK proxy and give it a try for a week for free.

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