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Posted: 14th Sep 2012

Generally when a person is looking for a proxy in the UK it means that they are located abroad. There are various reasons why anyone would want to have a proxy located in England. Main reason is because UK TV and radio stations that are available on the internet are blocked to people outside the UK.

The TV stations detect the IP address that your computer is using. An IP address can also determine which country you are located in. So the websites that you connect to can block visitors from outside the UK.

There is a way around this and it is simple, easy and very effective. You just need to get a proxy in UK. Once you have an account then all the blocked TV and radio stations are available.

Getting a proxy is really easy and here at UK-iPlayer we can provide a great service and support. Most people that use our service stay with us for a long time and are happy with the service. Why not join them?

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