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Posted: 14th Sep 2012

Using the iPlayer outside of the UK

Travel Abroad and Watch TV

Many people who travel overseas wonder if it's possible to be accessing iplayer outside UK. The official view is that it should not be possible to view BBC i player abroad. But technically it is of course possible with a few simple solutions. If you are interested in watching UK TV from overseas then you need to get connected to a proxy server that is located in the UK.

Once you get connected then you can watch all the internet based TV stations just as if you were located in the UK. Many expats uses these services to keep their families from having to watch local TV. With a simple proxy server solution then it's possible to view the BBC iPlayer abroad in any country.

Missing iPlayer from Home

So it is possible and many people who have been away from the UK are very keen to watch their TV from home. Being in an overseas country can make the feeling for home stronger and missing your TV programs is one aspect. It's great to escape from being tied to CNN and Fox News when you can now catch up on Newsnight or Eastenders or Match of The Day.

What if you go Abroad

Many people think that because the iPlayer, ITV player etc are free that to watch outside the UK they expect the BBC iPlayer abroad free also. There are free proxies but typically they are really so slow it's not always possible to stream the programs. Anyone that is serious about BBC iPlayer outside UK should really get a paid for service.

The most common free method is using TOR but for many this is a rather technical and complex thing to install and set-up. If you are really lucky your company might have a VPN that you can connect into and you will gain access that way - but then they would be aware of your viewing habits!

So anyone that wants to watch iPlayer abroad now you know that its all very possible and easy to make it happen.

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