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Using BBC iPlayer Desktop with our Service

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Posted: 25th Oct 2011

Details about what the iPlayer Desktop Provides and How to Make it Work Outside the UK

What is BBC iPlayer Desktop?

iPlayer Desktop is a program that you install on your computer. Its main function is to download TV programs in the background. You can then watch the TV program at any time until they expire. Once a TV program is downloaded it has an expiry period which is generally two weeks from when the TV program was broadcast.

Why Bother to use iPlayer Desktop?

If your internet connection speed is too slow for using the iPlayer on the BBC website then you can download TV programs instead for viewing after the download is completed. It's also possible to now set the iPlayer Desktop to automatically download a TV series, so you do not need to initiate each episode of the TV series.

How Do I Get iPlayer Desktop

From the BBC website,

How Do We Use iPlayer Desktop with our Service?

iPlayer desktop will use the proxy settings for your computer and not for your browser unless you are using Internet Explorer. If you are already using Internet Explorer for the web based iPlayer then the iPlayer Desktop will work for you.

If you are using another browser like Firefox or Chrome then iPlayer Desktop will not work with the proxy. But wait, to fix this all you need do is to set-up the proxy in Internet Explorer. To set-up a proxy in Internet Explorer please our FAQ.

iPlayer Desktop will then assume the proxy settings you made in Internet Explorer. You can still use Fifefox or Chrome for the web based iPlayer.

When you see a TV program you want to download you can select the download option from the iPlayer webpage. This will then kick off the download on iPlayer Desktop.

Note not all TV programs are available for download, we notice that the News on one of them.

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